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Ben Franklin Print Co. is the best option for embroidery services, from hats to shirts and everything in between.

A that lasts

Embroidery has long been the choice of clients looking for a premium look that will last. Whether you want to give out custom polos to the staff or need some great promotional tools for your next golf tournament, embroidery is a tried and tested method to make that happen. Ben Franklin designs, stitches, and produces top-shelf embroidery options with premium threads that will look great for years. With a wide selection of options and some top designers in the state, you will quickly see why Ben Franklin is the first choice for embroidery in Middleton and beyond.

Type of Embroidery

We offer various types of embroidery that will meet your needs and design ideas. From traditional looks to flashy, we have the perfect option to help your brand and logo pop.



Flat embroidery is the most common option that we have and is the classic no non-sense choice. Flat embroidery applies the decorative stitch directly to the fabric to create a flat design. Flat embroidery is often used in complex or image heavy work as it will avoid image distortion and other issues.


3D puff embroidery

3D puff has quickly become one of the go-to options for many, especially for hats. The unique cut and design allow for your logo or wording to literally pop with a 3D effect. To make this happen, we insert a small piece of foam under the top stitch to raise the surface. This method ensures that the 3D effect lasts as long as the item.



We love providing our clients with the design and printing of custom patches. We can do it if you are looking for something to add to a hat, give out at an event, or add a new patch to a polo, jersey, or shirt. Plus, with our design team, we can ensure that your custom patch will stand out and become something that people want and collect.

Why choose Ben Franklin?

Naturally, as our company has grown, as has our service list, today, we are proud to provide an all-in-one embroidery service that includes design, printing, and anything else you need. Whether you are looking for custom patches for a special event or want next-level merch, Ben Franklin is here to help bring your ideas to fabric.

Want to us?

Call us today and see how Ben Franklin Print Co. can deliver an embroidery service that will make your merch pop for years. From hats to toques and even shirts, we have the embroidery solution to meet your needs.